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Chrissy We Luv U-mix is a collection of Dub, Roots, Lovers and Scar, spanning the mid 60's to the mid 90's - Loads of familiar trax we all loved and never forgot.

Track Listring

01 Intro - The Artist vocal
02 You and Me - Carlton And the Shoes (Version) (Quality Records)
03 Pirate - (Version) (Treasure Isle Records)
04 Tenamaent Yard - Edi Fitzroy (Golden Cartel Entertainment)
05 Sting - Money Intro - (Easy Star All-Stars) / Break Down The Dub (Mikey Dread)
06 Wicked A Fe Dress Black (Version) - Bath And Stone (Roots From The Yard)
07 Isreal King - Cocoa Tea (Xterminator)
08 Black Bird - The Paragons (Duke Reid)
09 Channel One Under - Heavy Manners (VP) - 1977 Cat.ML-3006
10 Born Free - Frenchie (Larrys) Cat.LL18
11 555 Crown Street - Augustus Pablo (Rockers International)
12 Babylon Kingdom - Cocoa Tea / Capleton (Xterminator) 1994
13 Sinners - Justin Hinds And the Dominoes 1996 Cat.SBS012
14 Joshuas Words - Johnny Clarke (Jackpot)
15 Hot Looks (Version) - Sly Dunbar / Donald Dennis And Dean Frazer (High Power Music) 1996 Cat.HP001
16 Joe Fraser Version - Taxi Gang Feat. Dean Fraser (Hi Power Music) 1998 Cat. HP0049
17 Sting taken From Birmingham radio Call in
18 Lonely Girl - Barry Biggs (Jackpot)
19 Brother, Brother (Why can't We live Together) - Gee Brown (Ruff Gem Records 1996 Cat.RFGM-01
20 Be Thankful - Junior English (Larrys) 1993 Cat.LL4
21 Sing-A-Long - Fredlocks Feat. Bennie Bird (Nevil Sounds) Cat.NS008
22 You really Got A Hold On Me - Monty Morris (Neville Sounds) Cat.NS001
23 Sting Lexicon - Kruder And Dorfmeister
24 I Will Follow You (Version) - Al Campbell (Yard Music) Cat.YM003
25 Set Yourself Free (Version) - Morgan heritage (Digital-B) 1996
26 Freedom And Liberation - Yami Bolo (Taxi) Cat. TAX092
27 Sting - Work All Day
28 Acid Mix With Fire - The Observer (Observer Records) Cat. OBS 448109 / OBS 002
29 Body Guard - Ghost (Monster Shack Music)
30 BMW (Version) - Little Joe (VP Records) 1977
31 Sting - Baarington Levy - Under Mi Sensi / Satta Massagana - Augustus Pablo
32 This Heart Of Mine - Delroy Wilson (Attack)
33 Sting - The Jumping Master - Mikey dread / Calico Suit - Mighty Two
34 The Altar - Ghost (Monster Shack) Cat.MS011

Chrissy We Luv U-mix by Sol-ace

Download Zip - This will save a Zip archive to your downloads folder. Open the archive (it will create a folder with the name '_Chrissy we luv u'.)
Add the trax to your iTunes Library by double clicking on them or selecting 'Add to library' from within iTunes. Once the trax have imported, select 'Import Playlist' and find the text doument in the folder '_Chrissy we luv u'. This will produce a seamless playlist of all the trax in the right order.


  • Listening now. You're the man - Chris, London

  • LOVE IT!!!!! Yes, Selecta. REEEEEWWWWIIIINNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!! - Hazbo, Penzance

  • Top buzz! - Matt, London

  • In all this bone-chillin weather, it's fab to hear some heat. I'll play it loud - Vin, Gloucester

  • where would the world be without you...! - Gazzer, London

  • Will Enjoy. Peace and love and a Special Hug to Mrs Slag (lol) for all her help and being a great friend for 2010! - The Crissy (Selekta), London

  • will have a listen to your gems for sure - Paul, London

  • I love reggae... - Simon, London

  • I and I is Absolutely loving it Gregory ;)) - Luke, London


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