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Capricorn - Taste / Love In London
Release year - 1992
Format - 12" Vinyl
Label: Big Giant Music
Catalog#: RED 103

Tarck Listing

01 Taste
02 Life In London (2001 Mix)
03 Life In London (Piano Mix)

This is one of those trax that always brings on a little rush. It was almost a signature tune for a while until we used it as a backing track for a live 'toast' under the guise 'GT Capri' me on the decks and James 'Blond' on the mic (1997 I think?). I'll find it and post it soon.
A classic example of early UK progressive house, it's a shame that it 'naffs-out' at the end.

Taste - Capricorn by Sol-ace

Download Zip - This will save a Zip archive to your downloads folder. Open the arcive, it will create a folder with the name 'Life In London'. Enclosed will be all three trax in MP3 - 320Kbps